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Dr. Maneendra Singarapu
Critical Care – Gleneagles Global Hospitals
Place- Hyderabad

In this era of increasing antibiotic resistance, chance of MDR pathogens is the most Dangerous thing which can happen to your patients. So, early detection of these pathogens help in faster recovery and decreases chances of complications. In this process PCR based techniques are ideal as they give you results is less than 24 hrs and I had been using IGENETIC DIAGNOSTICS for last two years and I am very happy with the results and it has benefitted many of my patients.

Dr. Sanjith Saseedharan
Teacher and Head- Dept. of Critical Care Medicine
S.L. Raheja Hospital (A Fortis Association)
Place- Mumbai

iGenetic has a great range of molecular panels for rapid identification of infections and antibiotic resistance. Besides their accurate and consistently on-time reporting, what I like most about them is that they allow customization of all of their panels. This allows me the flexibility to order tests based on the case at hand.

Dr. Vikas Bansal
Critical Care Medicine
Artemis Hospital
Place- Gurugram

iGenetic Diagnostics provides whole range of molecular infection panels with patient affordability and wish you all the best.

Dr. V Rajendra
Critical Care Aware Gleneagles Global Hospitals
Place- Hyderabad

IGENETIC technology and the team is doing great Human Service by equipping the clinicians to narrow down the diagnosis with the precision and rapidity. Enabling doctors to come down on empirical therapy effectively and Translating in to reduction in the cost and improving the outcome.Dr. Aparna Kotekar’s personal communication with the clinicians is like icing on the cake.

Dr. Simanchal Mishra
HOD & Sr. consultant, Neuro Physician
Place- Hyderabad

The quick response from IGENETIC lab has helped us in evaluation and treatment of many difficult Neurological disorders.

Dr. Rakesh Taran
MBBS, MD - Internal Medicine, DM - Oncology
Consultant - Medical Oncology
Place- Indore

iGenetic has an extensive range of molecular panel which is helping us to make a better decision. Their on-time reporting and the flexibility to customise panels as per the need of my patient is very helpful. Also, the assistance I get from their molecular department is very impressive.

Dr. Tapesh Bansal
Critical Care
Paras Hospital
Place- Gurugram

Tests of the company are good and we are sending samples to them.

Dr. Deepesh G Aggarwal
MD, DNB(Med) , MRCP(UK), MNAMS, IDCCM, Consultant Physician and HOD- Critical Care
Saifee Hospital
Place- Mumbai

Being able to identify a pathogen quickly along with its antibiotic resistance profile can mean the difference between life and death for a critically ill patient. iGenetic’s PCR panels for Septicemia,CNS Infections and Antibiotic Resistance has helped in doing this. Their same-day reporting and easy access to technical experts make it a pleasure to work with them.