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iGenetic Diagnostics

To be one of the most powerful tools in the hands of our medical community.

Has a single aim:

Founded by a strong team of scientists and technologists with research mindsets, iGenetic Diagnostics offers clinically relevant differential diagnosis panels in addition to a highly accurate range of individual laboratory tests.

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Our Key Facts

28L +
Numbers of patients tested so far

Numbers of doctors

10 Labs, 500+ collection points,
all India coverage

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Customer Stories
Case 1

An 8-year old boy was admitted to a leading hospital in Vijaywada with on and off fever since 3 months, 2 episodes of seizures and shortness of breath since 2 weeks...

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Case 2

A 2years old boy was admitted in the hospital with fever of 3days duration, 2 episodes of left focal seizures on day 3 of fever, followed by encephalopathy. CSF sample was sent to iGenetic ...

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Case 3

A 63-year old male patient at a leading Hyderabad hospital was admitted with shortness of breath since a month. The patient had a history of hypertension and diabetes...

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