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Specialised Test

iGenetic uses advanced multiplex PCR techonology for accurate and early detection of infection and antibiotic resistance. The panels cover conditions ranging from septicemia, CNS infection, febrile neutropenia, upper and lower respiratory infections, osteomylitis, endocarditis, opthalmic infections and others. Single PCR, quantification, speciation and genotyping also offered

Critical Care / Infections

iGenetic uses advanced molecular diagnostics methods for accurate and early detection of over 100 pathogens across bacteria,...

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iGenetic covers the entire spectrum in mutation analysis to give clinicians a complete analysis of mutation type & variant,...

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iGenetic offers various tests for diagnosis of neurological conditions. We deploy advance technologies such as Chromosomal...

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Specialised Gynaecology

iGenetic offers gynecology tests randing from Pre-natal, post-natal as well as tests for infertility and other gynecology complications...

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