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Oncology offering

Oncology offering

Cancer diagnostics at iGenetic covers the entire spectrum

Mutation Analysis

iGenetic covers the entire spectrum in mutation analysis to give clinicians a complete analysis of mutation type & variant, tumor burden, and progression so they can take better therapy decision.


We use international scale for providing standard and relianble cancer monitoring tests. We also offer circulating tumor test to for analysis of mutations where tissue biopsy is hard to get.

Predictive Analysis

Next generation sequencing technology provides a predictive analysis for inherited cancers, BRCA I & II and others.

These tests are performed at NABL accredited central reference lab of iGenetic which houses various technologies listed below. To the extent possible, reporting on all oncology related analytes will adhere to CAP/ASCO guidelines

Histopathology & IHC

At iGenetic, a clinician would find an expert histopathologist perfoming tissue diagnosis of disease, to assist you in determining the course of the clinical management. Tissue based diagnosis will be enabled through routine H&E analysis complemented by ancillary histochemical staining. Our cancer tissue biomarker repertoire by IHC extends from routine ER, PR, Her2/neu to the more esoteric markers such as BOB1, Fascin, Stathim, CDX2, and SOX 10 among others.

Molecular Biology

Entire range of molecular genetics technologies including PCR, qPCR, RT PCT, and ARMS PCR are available for a complete genomics and proteomics analysis of the mutation.


The analysis of chromosomes is accomplished through conventional cytogenetic proccedures such as G-banding combined with advanced techniques such as FISH and genomic microarray analysis. At iGenetic, we provide detailed chromosonmal analysis, FISH and Karyoptyping for identification of several leukemia and lymphomas as well as solid tumors. Each report is also accompained with images to enable better diagnosis.


iGenetic offers cytopathology which now has emerged as a routine testing imperative both on crevico-vaginal specimens as well as on fine needle aspirates of breast, and lymph nodes.

Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry is a powerful technique for correlating multiple characteriscs on single cells. Applications include leukemia, lymphoma phenotyping, DNA content analysis, and assessmen of structural and functional properties of erythrocytes, leukocytes and platelets.

Next Generation Sequencing

NGS technology offers high throughput sequencing speed, high resolution and accuracy in genomic analysis. At iGenetic, we use NGS targeted sequencing, clinical exome sequencing and whole exome sequencing for a comprehensive mutation analysis.

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