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Specialised Gynaecology offering

Specialised Gynaecology offering

iGenetic offers gynecology tests randing from Pre-natal, post-natal as well as tests for infertility and other gynecology complications.

Pre-natal tests

Entire range of pre-natal testing is offered including markers, chromosomal analysis of blood, amniotic fluid and chorionic villi, product of conception and others. We also offer non-invasive prenatal screening test which is the most advanced non-invasive test available to screen various genetic conditions like Downs syndrome and others

Post-natal tests

We offer various tests to help the clinician with analysis of post natal complications like Chromosomal analysis of fetal cord blood, genetic mutation analysis like Angelman syndrome, Prader – Willi syndrome, and others. We also offer new born screening testing

Infertility & other gynacology complications

At iGenetic Dianostics, we offer tests which covers majority of infertility and other gynacology complications. BRCA I & II mutation analysis, Bad Obstetrics History, chromosomal analysis of product of conception, TB detection in endometrium tissue are some of the commonly asked tests in our menu.

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