The pimple tends to influences a person's personal life for example it influences your self-pride and limit your openness to the public. Pimples are caused by a bacteria called P. acne, this bacteria comes when your follicles are clogged up. But there are many ways of answering your question on how can I get rid of acne? The treatments range from soap to lotion, from creams to pills.

Before considering any treatments, you should consider first the healthiness of your epidermis, that is, you should see to it that it is always clean. To do this,

Carefully wash the skin twice every day to clear it from dirt, oils, and bacteria that you accumulate from the environment.

You can use soap that contains benzoyl peroxide, in addition to supplement it with a moisturizer to prevent drying of pores and skin.

You can do acne treatment by doing these simple steps:

Clean your face twice a day this will rinse away the dirt, sauces, dead skin cells and bacteria that you accumulate from the environment.

Do not unnecessarily touch your face because it is not good because your hands touched just whatever that may have dirt and grime, or even bacteria and viruses that shouldn't be transmitted in the face.

Have enough drinking water and exercise to get rid of acne as taking in more water will lessen getting oily skin.

A skin specialist, or dermatologist, can treat more severe cases.

You must make sure that you are eating healthy and healthy food at all time because the major cause of acne outbreak is eating an incorrect diet. So, avoid oily food, and eat a whole lot of vegetables, fruits, yogurts and so forth.

Suggested Diagnosis and Tests for Acne (Pimples)

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